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Teaching RC flying by Mike Lynch

The following list is a set of required solo maneuvers that are required by the student or new member to demonstrate pilot proficiency.  After the R/C proficiency test has been successfully accomplished with a club instructor the member will be granted solo/unrestricted access to the RCMA field.  Unrestricted access gives the members solo flight privileges without supervision of a designated flight instructor or member with instructor privileges.

Solo Flight Requirements Fixed Wing Aircraft

Airplane Maneuvers Checklist

Date/ Instructor


 Normal Takeoff


 Left and Right Traffic Pattern in field boundaries same altitude.


 Horizontal Figure 8 in field boundaries


 Round Loop (not barn stormers loop or tight loop)


 Slow Flight (maintain constant altitude).  Do with 360 turns.


 Power Off (approach to landing) Stall and recovery with 30 bank, left and right.  Demonstrate at a safe altitude


 Power On (departure) Stall and recovery straight flight (requires use of rudder)  Demonstrate at a safe altitude

 Spin Entry and Recovery (left and right 1/2 to 1 turn spin)    
 Aileron Roll    

 Barrel Roll (requires coordinated rudder and elevator)


 Wingover (an upside down U shape course reversal pivoting from an imaginary extension of the wing tip)  Maneuver is best performed to the left.

 Hammerhead Stall (a pivot course reversal about the vertical axis)  Maneuver is best performed to the left.    
 Aborted Approach to Landing    
 Normal Landing    

 Deadstick To Landing


 Solo Flight Requirements Rotory Wing Aircraft

Note: This test does not include Gyroplane.

After demonstrating to the instructor that you can take off, hover in one spot and land safely multiple times you are cleared to practice hover pad maneuvers on your own. It helps to fly the simulator prior to practicing each maneuver for real.

Rotorcraft Maneuvers Checklist 1 of 2

Date/ Instructor


 Hover Pad Maneuvers


 Hover in front of you full tank of fuel staying in one spot.


 Hover sideways then back to front both left and right.


 Hover forward and back.


 Hover then climb 6 feet then descend.


 Hover 45 both left and right.


 Hover 90 both left and right.

 Tail in circle in front of the pilot both left and right.    
 Constant heading circle in front of the pilot both left and right.    

 90 circle around the pilot both left and right.


The second step to Unlimited Access solo is demonstrating forward flight maneuvers. These maneuvers are a transition from one discipline to another and back again.

Rotorcraft Maneuvers Checklist 2of 2

Date/ Instructor


 Forward Flight Maneuver


* Noodle both left and right always turning away from you.


 Extended noodle both left and right.


 Standard approaches from both left and right.


 Figure 8 from both left and right.


 Fast forward flight.


 Loop from left and right.

 Roll both left and right.    
 180 Stall turn both directions.    

* Noodleing is flying back and forth left to right, and right to left in short distances at low altitude and slow airspeeds.