CWG Library Item No. 132
The best-selling tool, the top author, and the most extraordinary projects of the world's top woodworkers - it's the blueprint for another best-seller in the "Art of" series. The high speed, cutting efficiency, and versatility of this essential tool have expanded the usage of exposed decorative joinery, and you'll see superbly executed examples of mortises, finger joints, pin and cove, and ornate details here. Start by becoming knowledgeable about the router itself - its history, upcoming developments, bits, and sharpening techniques. Examine several router tables and accessories to make your work easier. A full discussion of safety rules will alert you to possible hazards such as spinning blades, flying wood chips, dust, and noise, and suggests ways of mitigating these problems, Each individual routing technique receives special attention; plentifully illustrated chapters go through surface routing, joinery, turning, and carving. A wide variety of hollow spiral turnings and gorgeous router-produced decorative furniture legs, with bends, flutes, and diamond-patterned surfaces, testifies to the remarkable pieces you can make with this machine. The pieces designed by the artisans for this book are meant to stimulate personal inspiration. Splendid photographs clearly illustrate the structural elements and the wood's species and color. Best and most beautiful of all are the artisans' concepts, projects, and gallery, This array of award-winning objects includes a multiple picture frame that you can hang either horizontally or vertically; a patina lamp with a curved base that looks particularly attractive with an aged metal finish; and several trays, Try elaborate potpourri boxes to hold your small treasures; a classic carved shelf and carved mahogany clock; and a graceful hall table adapted from a traditional Queen Anne design. A stunning chest on a stand, with lots of drawers, has mahogany, cherry, and African black-wood handles. Climb up to pu11 out books - or anything you want - with a library step, shown here in Honduras mahogany with cocobolo accents. Or try desk organizers, blanket chests, stools, and many more beautiful wood creations. Along with these wonderful things to make, there are the perspectives of the artisans themselves - how they began their love affair with woodworking, their training, their views on modem versus traditional equipment, and how they go about designing a piece of furniture or decorative article. Some, like Mark Kepler, a diabetic with poor eyesight, have had to overcome great obstacles to continue creating. Their stories will inspire you, and the breathtaking choice of projects will keep you and your router busy for years to come!
PATRICK SPIELMAN is the leading author on woodworking throughout the world, with over 50 published works, including The New Router Handbook and Scroll Saw Pattern Book, both of which have sold over a million copies. Pat's love of wood began at age eight, when he transformed fruit crates into toys. Today, he and his wife, Patricia, own Spielman's Wood Works and Spielman's Kid Works in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Both are gift galleries offering hand and machine-crafted products produced locally and around the world.

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