CWG Library Item No. 199
Turning Wood With Richard Raffan
Turning is a special brand of woodworking. Using only a lathe and a few cutting tools, you can shape pieces of wood from your own backyard into delicate pieces of sculpture or practical, household objects.
In this book, woodturner Richard Raffan tells you everything you need to know to get started. Along with his tips on selecting and modifying your lathe, Raffan explains how to set up a safe and efficient workshop. You'll 1earn what to look for in the four basic types of cutting tools - gouges, chisels, scrapers and parting tools - and how to sharpen them. Raffan tells you how to select and prepare your stock, when to use abrasives and finishes - and when not to.
At the heart of the hook are Raffan's chapters on centerwork and facework turning. Using a series of carefully selected exercises, he teaches you different ways to angle a tool to get the cut and surface you want. Detailed photographs and drawings capture every movement of the cutting edge and clearly show you how the position and support of your body affect the shape of the finished piece. Raffan also includes projects to help you develop the skills you've learned, plus a gallery of his own work that will inspire you to try new designs of your own.

Collins Woodworkers Guild