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Wilsonville, OR

Wilsonville Softball League

Contact Will Gray for details.

Heads-Up Volleyball Club

We compete at the biannual Inter-Airlines Volleyball Tournament and play pick Tuesdays downtown and practice Saturday evenings.

Contact Sigmund Baretto or Amy Yu for details.

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Women's Employee Network

The Portland Women's Employee Network is open to all Collins Aerospace employees.

Read more at their Google+ External website

Wilsonville Bowling League

Contact Chris Keith for details.

Wilsonville Gaming Club

Like playing games? Join the Wilsonville Gaming Club.
We play 5-9 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month in the Lobby Area of Building 594.
Contact Alex Goldensoph for more details

Read more at their Google+ Internal Only website

Music Sessions

Looking for a space to get together and play music?
Contact Clyde de Guzman for details

Read more at their website

Wilsonville Resource Page

Here you’ll find information from things to do in the area to how to get connected with others.
There are also web sites with similar interests.

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