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Melbourne, FL
 caclb news  Help? We are on a quest to discover all employee - and retiree - Clubs and Leagues at the Collins Aerospace Melbourne facilities. Our goal is to inform all Company Employees, their Spouses, and the Retired Community that there are indeed, recreational Clubs and Leagues available in the Melbourne area.
If you know of a club or league not listed here, drop me a line?
Larry Tjaden the CACLB web keeper.

Melbourne Cycling Club

New Cycling Club for Melbourne Employees.
Contact Shawn Mason for more information.
Find our External Google Community Page.

Read more at their Google+ External website

Rockwell Collins Golf League

Melbourne Golf League
Contact Roger Kautz for more information.

Scuba Club

The Melbourne Collins SCUBA club is a group of certified and non-certified (but interested) employees who get together for casual meetings (both at work and off-site to include family members), go on local SCUBA trips, and stay active in the sport.
The club promotes local diving to keep divers active by scheduling monthly one day dive trips to the reefs and wrecks of South Florida and trips to inland springs. We also promote special trips through a local dive shop such as ’Dive Quest’, a dive into Disney’s ’Living Seas’ expo at EPCOT. We also promote underwater holiday theme dives (Easter egg hunts, pumpkin carving, etc) as well as U/W fossil Shark Tooth hunts, etc.
The club also sponsors water related activities for all employees and friends such as ?Snorkel with the Manatees? trips (no certification required, seasonal times). We also provide free ?Discover SCUBA? experiences in a dive shop pool for anyone over the age of 12 that wants to experience what it’s like to scuba dive.
Contact Mike Deffenbaugh for more information.

Toastmasters Club, 6690

Our goal is to help people become more competent and comfortable in front of an audience. Participants practice and learn skills by filling a meeting role, ranging from giving a prepared speech - or an impromptu one - to serving as timer, evaluator, or grammarian. Toastmasters provides many opportunities for members to practice positive leadership skills.
Contact Garry Bowles for more information.

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Amateur Radio Club W4CRC

The Collins Employees Amateur Radio Club, call sign W4CRC, is an ARRL affiliated club located in Melbourne, FL. The purpose of the radio club is to: advance general interest and knowledge of amateur radio, promote cooperation and exchange of information between members, conduct club programs, and to provide public service support for community activities.

Read more at their website