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Sterling, VA
 caclb news  Help? We are on a quest to discover all employee - and retiree - Clubs and Leagues at the Collins Aerospace Sterling facilities. Our goal is to inform all Company Employees, their Spouses, and the Retired Community that there are indeed, recreational Clubs and Leagues available in the Sterling area.
If you know of a club or league not listed here, drop me a line?
Larry Tjaden the CACLB web keeper.

Touch Football

Collins Touch Football
We refer to ourselves as the FNFL (Formerly NLX Football League)
We play at the "beergarden" on Thursday’s.
Contact Dave Kadlèák for more information.


Collins STS Soccer
We play Friday’s at Noon at the Dulles Sportsplex... unless it’s too nice, then we play "on the field behind 10C".
Contact Dave Kadlèák for more information.

Soccer, Indoor

Collins "RCI United"
Indoor Soccer League
Contact Dave Kadlèák for more information.


As the weather starts to cool down, if you would like to play volleyball after work, send an email to Tony Duong to be added to the volleyball emailing group. Games will be Thursdays at approx 5:30pm in the Garden Area (area between 10A and 10B), weather permitting.

It's a nice way to get exercise, meet your fellow coworkers, and have fun!