Game Setup/Rules:
by: Jordan posted: Friday, November 5, 2021
- The games will contain 2 twenty-minute halves.

- Start off game with rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets the ball first. Take the ball out from the sideline... no jump ball. Pending jump balls, opposite team gets the ball in the second half.

- Defense calls fouls (please be respectful of each other and realize no one is out here to get hurt! We are all too old for injuries during a recreational basketball league!)

- Players are in charge of running the scoreboard.

- Players will provide their own jerseys/same-colored shirts or the gym will have Pennys available.

- Running clock until the last minute of the game.

- Non-shooting fouls will result in a sideline/baseline check in, until the last minute of the game. In the last minute of the game, non-shooting fouls will be a 1 and 1 free-throw.

- Shooting fouls will always result in free-throws.

- Backcourt violations-yes

- NO Cussing! If I am present or another member of the Collins rec center staff, players will be asked to leave the game and the team could potentially face removal from the league.