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Collins Cricket League for 2021 is here! All Collins?Employees (Self and Spouse), Contractors (Self and Spouse), Retirees (Self and Spouse), and Rec Center members are welcome to register for the league. There is no prior experience needed.

Registration for the Collins Cricket league 2021 is open and the registration fee is $10/Player.

Using Internet explorer, Open Spring registration Tab. Refresh the form couple of times and fill the registration form. After selecting Submit button, need to select the payment method to pay the fees. Note: After paying fees, webpage might display "Error: This content cannot be displayed in a frame" but the transaction will happen successfully and you will receive an confirmation email.  Any questions please email

                                                        Important dates

Registration Deadline:

6th June, 2021

Schedule Announcement date:

6th June, 2021

League End date:

- September -, 2021

For Updated Schedule and Results. Visit

To Register: Select the Registration tab, Fill the form, Select Submit and will take you to the payment option




All games will be 15 overs. 3 overs max per bowler.

5 overs will be played as power play.First 3 overs will be mandatory bowling PP and only 2 fielders allowed oustide circle. Batting power play can be taken anytime and mandatory after 10th over and only 3 fielders allowed outside circle. All other time, Minimum 4 fielders should be inside 30 yards

1. Free hit for all no ball.

2. Above the waist is considered as no ball for all the bowlers.

3. No argument with umpires.

4. Max 5 fielders on leg side excluding the bowler.

5. If batsman covers the stumps completly, Bowler can inform umpire to ask the batsman to move.

6. If runner runs before ball is released and bowler hits the stump, 1st warning will be given then it is out.

7. If seven players are available in ground and its late, then the match needs to be started

8. Innings break can be max 15 minutes.

9. No LBW and no leg byes.

10. 1 run for no ball, dead ball and wides.

11. There is overthrow and byes(If wicket keeper leaves the ball).

12. If ball pitches on the grass before crossing the stumps, it is considered as dead ball(1 run)

13. If ball pitches more than 2 times before crossing the stumps, it is considered as no ball(1 run)(similar to height no-ball, without free-hit)

14. If dead ball hits stump or catch by keeper, it is not considered as out.

15. Teams can play with 12 players in which 1 player can only bat and 1 player can only bowl. The batting super-sub has to be present before the batting innings of the team begins and The bowling super-sub has to come in before the bowling innings of the team begins. Alsp mention the super sub names to the Umpire/opponent captain before start of the 1st innings

16. If there are any obstacles(Ex:Helmet..) in the ground, Umpire has to warn the teams to remove it, If ball hits the object(Excluding extra Bats), 5 runs will be granted to batting team.

17. 2 Bouncers allowed per over.

18. If one team is late for the match after 5.45pm, if the other team has got 11 players in ground, That team is considered as won the toss. If both teams are late, the number of overs faced by the teams will be reduced by one over for each five minutes.

19. If a match is washed out by rain, Both teams should reschedule the game within 2 weeks. If match is not played within 2 week, points will be shared between teams.

20. If one team is not ready to play on scheduled date(Ex:Players not available), Match will be Forfeited and other team will get 2 points.

21. Playoff match - New players are not eligible unless they played atleast 2 matches in league stage

22. Bad-light: In case of bad-light called by the batting team , game will resume at the next available day.However, bad light should be called by the batting team before 25% of the total remain to be chased. For ex, if chasing 100, batting team should call for bad-light before their total is 75. Runs will be rounded off in case of decimals when calculating 75%. During games where bad light is foreseen, organizers will announce the bad-light calling cutoff runs prior to commencement of the chase In case if the batting team doesn't call for bad-light, game will proceed. Bowling team cannot call for badlight

23. If the bowler bowls without some part of the front foot landing either grounded or in the air behind the popping crease constitutes a no ball.

24. Run out - Crease belongs to umpire. Umpire can take a call and decide whether on the crease is IN or OUT

25. If a match got stopped due to rain, It will be continued on some other day

26. If a match got delayed due to rain, total overs can be reduced(in case of 1st innings) or duckworth lewis method will be used to calculate the target for 2nd innings


Note: If you have any special requests, please fill out in the ‘Notes/requests?section of the registration form. We’ll try our best to accommodate your requests.  If you know of any friends or colleagues that may be interested to play in the league, please forward this email to them. Again, please email with any questions you may have.