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Live Wire, A League
captain: Colton Sanchez, work: 319-263-9854
To join the team…
First, get the password from your Captain. Second,
 registered team members 
• Kyle Brewer • Devan Clark • Anthony Giannelli
• Riley Hampton • Justin Harms • Tom Holubar
• Jesse Pisarik • Matt Ploessl • Nick Rael
• Colton Sanchez • Justin Schmidt  
Outta Staters, A League
captain: Johnathan Malone, work: 319-263-3121
To join the team…
First, get the password from your Captain. Second,
 registered team members 
• Zach Doermann • Chad Edwards • Nick Freese
• Shawn Freese • John Klimek • Johnathan Malone
• Wesley McGee • Lyle Richard • Jordan Roe
• Jeremy Seiler • Freeland Shaw • Ryan Stevens
• Derek Thompson • Christopher Yates  
Bill’s In Marion, B League
captain: Bradley McIntire, work: 319-263-0829
To join the team…
First, get the password from your Captain. Second,
 registered team members 
• Matthew Foster • Bradley McIntire • Brett Nickell
• Ryan Parnow • Daniel Roggow • Samuel Searls
• Tim Wittkop • Paul Zillman  
Los Pollos Picantes, B League
captain: Michael Adams, work: 218-230-8512
To join the team…
First, get the password from your Captain. Second,
 registered team members 
• Michael Adams • Korey Breger • Laurence Eo
• Zachary Goff • Jeremy Kurth • Usman Oyelami
• Nathan Roth • Taylor Sheffels • Emon Steadman
• Chien Ming Tan • James Tillma  
Make America Ball Again, B League
captain: Jesse Bliss, work: 319-263-1628
To join the team…
First, get the password from your Captain. Second,
 registered team members 
• Jesse Bliss • Matthew Franklin • Sean Hoelscher
• Tyler Johnson • Jeremy Kolthoff • Garrett Manship
• Luke Nebelsick • Nicholas Pamperin • Jake Somann
• Kyle Suther • Michael Vosatka • Brandon Wagner
The Affiliates, B League
captain: Ryan Olson, work: 319-263-2231
To join the team…
First, get the password from your Captain. Second,
 registered team members 
• Ben Dattilo • Nick Eisenhauer • Nolan Even
• Seth Fontenot • Aaron Hoke • Randy Luvan
• Bob Mangrich • Ryan Olson • Nick Spiess
• Brandon Tomlinson • Josh Valliere  
Congratulations Outta Staters the 2018 C
by: Clint Hospodarsky posted: Monday, September 10, 2018
Outta Staters 27 Live Wire 26

3rd place game
Bills 52 Make America Ball Again 38

5th place game
Affiliates 38 Los Pollos 28

Playoff First and Second Round
Playoffs start November 1st
by: Clint Hospodarsky posted: Monday, September 3, 2018
Live Wire 45 Los Pollos 18
Make America 34 Affiliates 20

Live Wire 26 Bills 8
Outta Staters 27 Make America 6

RULES...subject to change
by: Clint Hospodarsky posted: Wednesday, August 29, 2018
● Two Minute Warning (half and game)
○ Clock stops after…
■ Incomplete pass
■ Ball carrier goes out of bounds
■ First down
■ Timeout
● Rushing
○ Ref will count “one thousand one, one thousand two, RUSH!​”
○ One blitz is allowed per half
■ If blitz is not used in the 1st half it can be carried over to the 2nd half
■ Blitz must be called clearly by the person blitzing
■ No blitzes allowed on the first set of downs to start the game and 2nd half
or after a score. Once the offense gets one first down then blitzes are
■ No blitzes allowed in overtime
● Ball advancement rule
○ The quarterback is not allowed to advance the football past the line of scrimmage
without being rushed by a defender or throwing a pass. ie can not take direct
snap, hold ball over LOS
■ Results in 5 yard penalty and loss of down
● Punts
○ If the ball is touched after a punt it’s dead where it’s touched
○ The return team can pick up the ball and advance it if it hasn’t been touched after
it hits the ground
○ Punts after safety’s are from the first line of scrimmage
● Substitutions
○ Three​ non-team roster subs max per team per game
○ Only two​ subs on field at a time during game play
○ Need at least five​ original team members to play. If the team short on original
members can’t get five then they will be required to forfeit but can still play the
game if all parties agree to play. Score will be 7-0 in the books.
● Overtime
○ Coin flip winner chooses if his team wants to play offense or defense to start OT
○ Unless moved by penalty, each team will start first and goal from the team B 10
yard line. The goal line shall be line to gain in overtime. The object will be to
score a touchdown. An overtime period consists of a series of four downs by
each team. If the team first awarded the ball scores, the other team will still have
a chance to score. This will repeat until a winner is determined. If a defense
intercepts a pass and returns it for a touchdown, they win the game. If they do
not return it for a touchdown, the series is over, the ball will be placed at the
Team B 10 yard line and the original defense will begin their series of four downs,
if available. Each team is entitled to one time-out for the entire overtime. Unused
timeouts in regulation do NOT carry over.
○ In first OT teams must go for the single point conversion after a touchdown, in
second OT teams are required to go for the 2 point conversion, in third OT there
will be another coin toss and first team to score wins.
● Ejections
○ Referee’s own the right to eject a player for misconduct
○ 1st ejection results in the player being suspended for the remaining of current
game as well as the next game (including playoffs)
○ 2nd ejection results in player being suspended for the remaining of current game
and remainder of the season (including playoffs)
● Basic Penalties
○ Off-sides (5 yards)
○ Delay of game (5 yards)
■ After 20 seconds the ref will call out 10 seconds for the offense to snap
the ball. If they haven’t snapped it by zero that will result in a 5 yard delay
of game penalty.
○ Pass Interference (15 yards)
○ Roughing the passer (15 yards)
○ Illegal screen (15 yards)
○ Defensive holding (15 yards)
● Spot fouls​ (10 yard penalties)
○ Flag guarding
○ Blocking
2018 Football REGISTRATION
Register your Team On-line
by: Clint Hospodarsky posted: Sunday, July 2, 2017
1. Assemble your team of 7 or more members.
2. Complete the on-line form linked below. Include a password (up to ten characters) that your members will use to register with your team.
3. Submit the form and pay the ($200) team fee on-line using your Credit Card.
4. The Football League Coordinator will review your form and make it active.
5. Inform your team that they should use the link inside your team’s text box to register - and be sure to tell them the password.
6. Don’t forget to register for your own team...

Register a Flag Football Team.

Football League Contact
by: Clint Hospodarsky posted: Sunday, July 2, 2017
Clint Hospodarsky - 319-431-2156
Problems with the web page or the registration forms?
Larry Tjaden - 365-8160
by: Clint Hospodarsky posted: Sunday, July 2, 2017
As usual, referees are needed for this season.
Pay is $30/game. You can referee any game before or after your game

PLease Call me at 319-431-2156 if interested. You can also email me at chospodarsky@hotmail.com Please put flag football in subject line.
2018 Registration NOW -AUGUST 30th1!!!!
by: Clint Hospodarsky posted: Sunday, July 2, 2017
Player Registration NOW OPEN!! It will remain open until August 30th. There will be a Captains meeting August 29th @6pm at Rec. Schedule will be out September 3rd and the season will start Thursday September 6th at 6 pm. Season will last around 8 weeks.Games Will be played On Thursdays at 6,7 and 8. I will post here and the phone hotline for all cancellations.
No Team to Join?
Updated 2018 list
by: Clint Hospodarsky posted:
If you are new to the League and don’t have a team to play on, fill in this form and our League Coordinator will get in contact with you.
Click here to get on the list.
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