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Summer 2020
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Chicks with Sticks, Team
Course:   Twin Pines, Tuesday, May 15 - Aug 21 4:32 p.m.
Coordinator:   Christina Tryon – work: 263-0273
Fireflies, Couples
Course:   Ellis, Friday, Start May 8- 4:30 p.m.
Coordinator:   Melvin Krause – home: 393-2766
Greenstompers, Individual
Course:   St. Andrews, Thursday, April 26 - Sept 6
Coordinator:   Jeffrey Davis – work: 295-4517
Alternate:   Walker Kelly – home: 431-9669
Hackers, Individual
Course:   City Course Rotation, Tuesday, May 5 - Sept 22
Coordinator:   Steve Quella – work: 319-295-2146
Alternate:   John Keefer – home: 319-899-6777
Visit:   [www.golfleaguetracker.com]
Manufacturing, 4 person Teams
Course:   Twin Pines, Thursday, April 18 -Sept 6 3:52 p.m.
Coordinator:   Steve Cummings – work: 295-8778 home:
Alternate:   – work:
Outcasts, Team
Course:   Gardner, Wednesday, May 9 - Aug - 29 4:00 p.m.
Coordinator:   Steve Mrkvicka – home: 319-573-GOLF
Alternate:   – work:
PGA, Team
Course:   Twin Pines, Wednesday, May 9
Coordinator:   Tim Lewis – work: 319-295-4283
Alternate:   Ehrich Rodgers – work: 263-3164
Sodbusters, Individual
Course:   Gardner, Thursday, April - August 4:32- 5:20
Coordinator:   Steven Petersen – work: 319-899-9315
Squawkers, Team
Course:   Gardner, Tuesday, May - Aug 4:30 - 4:40 p.
Coordinator:   Greg Young – work: 319-295-5798
Alternate:   – work:
Topflight, Team
Course:   Twin Pines, Monday, April 25 - 4:24pm
Coordinator:   Trevor Haas – work: 319-263-9043 home:
Uptown, Team
Course:   Twin Pines & Ellis, Wednesday, May 9 - Sept 5 4:00 p.m.
Coordinator:   Scott Taylor – work: 319-295-3208
by: Toni Mrkvicka posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2020
There are 12 different Collins Leagues on different nights and courses, including: Women’s Leagues, Men’s/Mixed Leagues, Singles, Couples, and Teams Leagues. The leagues are a great opportunity to meet new people that share a common interest. The RC Golf Leagues will begin their spring 2020 season. Anyone interested in joining a Collins sponsored league can contact a league coordinator listed on this webpage or feel free to contact
Toni Mrkvicka - Collins Golf Leagues Coordinator at: golf@collinsclubsandleagues.com, 295-1870.

New to Collins Golf?
Before you Register...
by: Toni posted: Sunday, March 8, 2015
If you are NEW to Collins Golf leagues, and would like to join, please contact the coordinator of the league you are interested in prior to registering - to make sure there is room. Or feel free to contact Toni Mrkvicka 319-295-1870 toni.mrkvicka@collins.com with any questions.

Leagues & Players (2020)
 Chicks with Sticks:  1 player.
Laura G.      
 Fireflies:  17 players.
Dave B. Sue B. Fay E. William E.
Bill G. Ginny G. Ellen K. Ellen K.
Melvin K. Mark N. Patty N. Bruce P.
Marilynn P. Carol R. Iyle R. Frances W.
Joseph W.      
 Greenstompers:  3 players.
Joseph A. Jennifer L. James S.  
 Hackers:  48 players.
Josh B. Nick B. Miles B. Himanshu B.
Nathan B. Jim B. Paul B. Bob C.
Joe C. Arie D. Blane D. Tom D.
James E. Scott E. gerald f. Greg G.
Duane G. Douglas G. Michael J. Dan K.
John K. Keith K. Dan K. Bill L.
Randy M. Ray M. Robert M. Donald M.
Ryan M. Eric N. Jake N. Kirk O.
Prashant P. Steve Q. Douglas S. Frank S.
Jason S. Katie S. Lantz S. Jacob S.
Brian S. Kenneth T. Douglas T. Robert T.
David V. Sylvan W. Bryan W. Brian Y.
 Manufacturing:  8 players.
Doug B. Sandhanam G. Rob O. Jason S.
Roger S. Robert T. Jerry T. Scott W.
 Outcasts:  49 players.
Ryan A. Arturo B. Josh B. Chris B.
Preston C. Jeffrey D. Ryan D. Daniel D.
Dillon E. James G. Anthony G. Christopher G.
Mitchell H. Bruce H. Bruce H. Jim H.
Jason H. Derek H. Bruce H. Greg J.
Tom J. Alex J. David K. Dan K.
Bruce K. Andy K. Jeff K. Bob L.
Bob L. James L. Paul M. Steve M.
Mark N. Rob O. Dan O. Matt P.
Chris R. James R. Josh S. Brian S.
Nicholas S. Jacob S. Paul S. Roger S.
Thomas T. Dana V. Jordan W. Brad W.
Dan Z.      
 PGA:  12 players.
Jesse B. Scott B. Tim G. Steve G.
Lap H. Tim L. Ehrich R. Steve S.
Thomas S. Randy T. Richard W. Roger Y.
 Sodbusters:  20 players.
Matt A. Charles B. Monte D. Jeffrey D.
Rich F. Jay G. Peter I. Anthony J.
Beth K. Jeff K. Tim L. Michael L.
Doug M. John O. Steve P. Bruce R.
Marvin S. Daniel S. Jeff S. Tony V.
 Squawkers:  2 players.
Rich B. Jeffrey D.    
 Topflight:  51 players.
Matt A. Richard B. Arturo B. Drew E.
Jerry F. Darwin F. Trevor H. Bruce H.
Bruce H. Mark H. Marc H. Jay H.
Danny J. Steven K. Bruce K. Melvin K.
Gary L. Mitch L. Kevin M. Ladd M.
Bob M. Bob M. Jodi N. Pete N.
Michael N. alan O. alan O. Leonard O.
Terry O. Mark P. Dan R. Larry R.
Neil R. Bryce S. Randy S. Aaron S.
Brad S. Chris S. Jamie S. Dana S.
James S. Jeff S. Kim T. Robert T.
Michael V. Rob W. Robert W. Cole W.
Michael W. Del W. Daniel W.  
 Uptown:  11 players.
Melvin K. John O. Derek P. Gary S.
Steven S. Matthew S. Scott T. Matt T.
Bev T. Del W. Robert W.