Racquetball League Frequently Asked Questions


101: What rules are used?

A:  United States Racquetball Association (USRA) rules are used except where noted in the league rules.  USRA rules can be found at www.usra.org under the Rulebook link.

102: Is a safety cord required to be used?

A:  Yes, for safety, and by rule  See 3.13.a and 3.13.c.8.

103: Is eye protection required?

A: Yes, for safety, and by rule.  See 3.17.a.9.

104:  What is the league fee used for?

A:  The fee covers the cost of court rental at the rate of $3/hour + tax ($3.18 since 1 July 07).  For the 10 week session, the rental is $15.90 per player.  The company subsidy makes up the difference between the $6 league fee and the actual cost.

105:  Why can't a player cancel a league court and make a court reservation to make up a canceled match without paying for the court?

A:  The courts the league uses are blocked out on the Rec Center's schedule so they can't be reserved for non-league play.  When a match is canceled, especially on the day of the match, it prevents the Rec Center from renting the court for a paid reservation, and in most cases, prevents it from being reserved at all.  So that court remains unused.  The league pays for the unused court.   The policy is this:  if given enough notice, the league captain (so designated on the schedule, and if not, the league coordinator serves as the league captain) can cancel a league court and make a non-prime-time reservation at no cost.  Prime-time hours are 11:30 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  If players want to make up a match during prime-time, they can call within 4 hours of the desired time to get a free court, or make a reservation farther in advance and pay the reservation fee of $3 + tax (that's not really that expensive, is it?).

106:  How are games and matches scored?

A:  Games are played to 15, win by 1. (A game is won at 15-14).  See 1.5.   League standings are based on games won and lost, not matches.  Thus, all 3 games should be played, with each game ending when a player reaches 15 points. (This differs from USRA Rule 1.5)

107:  Where should results be recorded?

A:  The results of all games should be sent to the league coordinator via e-mail, rball at brownmilk.com

108: What days do the leagues typically play?

A: Evening B, B+ and C leagues typically play on Mondays and/or Tuesdays.  Evening A and A+ leagues typically play on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays.  Morning and Noon leagues play Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday depending on the week.

109: What time are leagues scheduled to play?

A: Evening league games start at 4:45 PM, 5:45 PM, 6:45 PM and 7:45 PM.  Morning leagues play at 5:45 AM, and Noon leagues play at 11:45 AM.

110: How are the leagues divided?

A: The leagues are divided into several skill levels from Novice to Open.  Not all leagues will be run each session because not enough people register for some leagues.  

111:  How do I evaluate which league I should sign up for?

A: Check this link to do a self evaluation.   If you are realistic, the evaluations will tend to provide a lower level than what the leagues are designated.  In general, sign up for one level higher than what the evaluation tells you, i.e C should be in B, B should be in A, A should be in Open.   The B+ and A+ leagues are slightly more competitive than their non + counterparts.