Rockwell Collins Racquetball League

Rules & Regulations


Reschedules and Substitutes

    In the event a player is unable to play at the scheduled time, that player should contact both their league captain and their opponent. The games can either be rescheduled or a substitute can be used (substitutes must also be Recreation Center members).  If the game is to be rescheduled, the league captain must cancel the original court at the Recreation Center 24 hours prior to scheduled games.  The make-up game must be made up during non-prime hours at the Recreation Center if it is to be scheduled by the league captain, and should be completed within one week of the originally scheduled game.  League reservations can be made by the league captain only.  If a match is canceled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled starting time and both players agree to a make-up game, all court fees (if any) shall be the responsibility of the player causing the cancellation.


    The purpose of player advancement is to keep each league as competitive as possible.  At the end of each session, the top two players in each league should advance into the next most competitive league, likewise the bottom two players should move down one level.  New players to the leagues will be inserted at their appropriate skill level.


Recreation Center