Cancellation Policy
by: Rob Nolting posted: Thursday, May 18, 2017
In general, our policy is we’ll play as long as the field conditions allow and there isn’t severe weather (including thunder, lightning, hail, strong wind, tornadoes, etc). If it’s a light rain, and the fields can support playing on, then we’ll play in the rain. On the other hand, if there’s a chance we may get severe weather, then we’ll error on the side of caution.

If lightning is seen (or if lightning is within 10 miles of the fields) then play is stopped and all players must seek shelter. Play cannot resume until 30 minutes after. In other words, if lightning is seen (or within 10 miles of the fields), then the 30 minute timer starts over. The coordinator and/or refs will make the decision on whether to cancel or delay the games.

In the case of heat, we will usually still play, but if the heat index is 100 degrees or more then the match duration will be shortened by at least 5 minutes per half. In addition, additional stoppages for water breaks may be added. The coordinator and ref coordinators will sync up earlier to determine changes that will be made for the games based on the anticipated conditions.

Always check the front page of the website before leaving for your game. Also, sign up for RainedOut notifications to receive an email and/or text alert by visiting

Player safety is first priority. Please remember this as there may be times you are excited to play, the games get cancelled, and yet there was no severe weather at game time. We are trying our best to predict the weather using the info available, but sometimes we’ll get it wrong and no severe weather really hits. Sorry, but the opposite would be far worse and not worth the risk.

Cancellation Information
by: Rob Nolting posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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