Registration Instructions
by: Jeff Havel posted: Sunday, March 25, 2018
Team Captainís:
1. Determine your Teamís "Fee Collecting Model"
- Captain Pays the Per-Team-Fee Up Front
- Players Pay Individually (PPI)
2. On this web page, go to the "Registration" menu and click "Captains". Fill out the form and click Submit. Watch your inbox for an email indicating your team has been activated. Once your team has been activated, please email your players the team password and ask them to register. If you have selected PPI, include the playerís fee.

3. Once the team has been activated, on this web page, go to the "Registration" menu and click "Players". Find your team and click the "Click Here" button to register for that team.
4. Fill out the registration form (Teams set for PPI please pay your fee on-line) and click Submit.
5. Review the form (make any corrections if needed) and then click the "Click Here for the Secure Payment Form box". Complete this form to pay the registration fee by credit card.
6. Make sure your name shows up on the teamís roster on this page. If your name shows in italics it means you havenít paid the registration fee.

Available Player:
If you are interested in playing but donít have a team, please add your name to the available player list by clicking here. The list of available players can be seen by the Available Players menu on this web site.

Please contact with any questions.