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Microsoft Teams is now the primary means to communicating Volleyball League News to those interested.


On-line Registration Instructions
The on-line registration process is a 3-step approach.   Note that a team is not considered registered for the league until step 3 is completed:

1. The captain creates a team.  
For this, the captain must go to the Team Creation page, and provides the necessary information.   In this process, the captain will be asked to create a team password.   He/she must relay this to his potential team members as they will be prompted for this password to join the team.
Note: the team will not immediately appear on the league registration list. The league coordinator has to activate the registration which may take up to a day.

2. The individuals sign-up to play on the team.  
The participant goes to the League Registrations page, and locates the team they want to join.   From there, he/she clicks on the appropriate link and fills in the requested information.   Important notes to keep in mind:
- The captain must go through this process as well as each of the team members.  The process of the captain creating a team does not automatically add them to the player roster.  
- Each member will be asked questions that will drive leagues costs, and/or your team costs.  In particular, Rec Ctr membership.   Keep in mind that if a participant answered in the affirmative, this information is subject to verification by the appropriate organizations.
- By clicking on the final acceptance button, the participant is effectively signing the waiver form.

3. For this Session, the Players pay individually.  Note that the fee may be $0 indicating you are subsidised by the League.
If the Fee is not zero ... be sure to have a VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER or American Express card handy.  

If you are looking for a team to join or sub on, or if you have a team but are short players, contact Tim Gale(x53989) to have your name added to the lists below.  Likewise, if a team signs you up, or you sign-up a player from these list, please let us know so we can keep the lists up-to-date.  Please include contact information and which league/division you are desiring.

Name  E-mail Phone Skill Level (1-10) Night
Name E-mail Phone Skill Level (1-10) Night
 Summer 2024 League Standings
 Sandpit — Thursday
 Team W  L Gpct
6 - Thpike Tysons 5  0 93 
2 - How I Set Your Mother  5  0 87 
8 - Ya Dig? 3  2 67 
5 - Block in my Rari 2  2 50 
4 - Chad Lads 2  2 42 
9 - Air Traffic Control 1  2 33 
7 - Last Minute 1  3 33 
3 - Sandbox Test Pilots 1  3 25 
1 - Collins Aerospikes 0  6 11 
Complete standings and schedule

For more information, contact either:
Tim Gale (295-3989)
Mandy Dodd (263-9167)