Collins Aerospace Clubs and Leagues

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CACLB Charter:
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Collins Aerospace Clubs & Leagues Board (CACLB)

You probably already have a group of employees with similar interests.
Here some of the basic requirements to get started…

Create a Name for your Club
• The name should begin with "Collins"

Elect a set of officers
• President
• Vice President
• Treasurer… or
• Secretary/Treasurer

Create a Constitution for your Club
• If you are going to require dues, we especially suggest that you create a Constitution
• You may base your constitution on the "By-Laws" section of the CACLB Constitution
   Download a .DOC copy from the previous page and edit away…
• Send a completed copy to the CACLB president or secretary
   We need a copy to keep on file

Read the page about getting listed on this site

If you wish to incorporate a Club Web Site
• Contact Larry Tjaden the Clubs & Leagues webmaster