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Summer 2024
Monday Morning  
Tuesday Morning  
Wednesday Morning  
Thursday Morning  
Friday Morning  
Monday Evening  
Tuesday Evening  
Wednesday Evening
Pankit Kotecha
Thursday Evening  
Friday Evening
Avinash Mahanthesh
David Bettmann Devin Bettmann Matt Musil
Joe Rohlman Philip Wiley
Women's Only  
7 Players
Rules of the Game
 edited: May 5, 2016 
1.1 The Game
Mornings and Evenings are Singles Racquetball Leagues, and the Noon League plays Cut-throat. Matches (3 games to 15, win by 1) are played in a 20x40 foot court.
- Singles strategy: Opponents alternate racquet swings, striking a racquetball against the front wall until one of the players fails to return the ball. Players rotate serving after the server looses the rally.
- Cut-throat: Same strategy as singles except the server plays against the other two opponents.

1.2 Objective
The objective is to win each rally by serving or returning the ball so the opponent is unable to keep the ball in play. A rally is over when a player is unable to hit the ball before it touches the floor twice, is unable to return the ball in such a manner that it touches the front wall before it touches the floor, or when a hinder is called {A "hinder" is an unintentional interference from the player making a return, that impedes the ability of the receiving player to make a return. This results in a replay.}.

1.3 Scoring
Points are scored only by the player serving. A point is scored when the server serves an unreturnable legal serve, or wins the rally. If the server loses the rally, no points are scored and the other player now becomes the server (known as a "side out").
A legal serve: The server must take a position completely within the serving box, bounce the ball on the floor, and strike the ball before the ball contacts the floor a second time. The server?s feet must remain in the box until the ball has crossed the back service line (note that it is permissible for the server?s foot to cross the front service line during the serve, so long as the foot is still in contact with the line). The served ball must then contact the front wall first, then travel beyond the back service line before bouncing on the floor. Note that if the ball contacts anything other than the front wall immediately after being struck by the racquet, the server loses the serve. Optionally, the ball my contact either sidewall after contacting the front wall, but never more than one wall before it bounces beyond the back service line. The server gets two chances to make a legal serve. If the player fails to make a legal serve, no points are scored and the serve exchanges to the other player.
The receiving player must strike the ball before it bounces a second time on the floor, and return the ball to the front wall before it contacts the floor (otherwise, a point is scored to the opponent). At this point in the rally, the opponent now becomes the receiver, and play continues until a either player cannot make a legal return.
NOTE: The safety box is the region defined by the back service line and the dashed line. The receiver or racquet may NOT enter the box until a served ball either bounces or passes the dashed line (plane). The server may not enter the box until the ball has cleared the back service line (plane).

1.4 Match, Game
A match consists of 3 complete games to 15. The first player to reach 15 is declared the winner and the game is over. If time expires before the last game has completed, the player with the most points is declared the winner.
Summer 2024 Registration CLOSED
12 week session
by: Joe Glogovsky posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2024
The Summer 2024 racquetball league registration is now closed. The next fall session will begin in September, with registration in August. Please enter your email (click "NEXT SEASON" link in the left column) to receive a reminder notice for the next league registration.

Several leagues will be offered:
- a separate league for each night of the week.
- a noon cut-throat league (T-W-Th, expand to M and/or F if needed)
- a morning league (T-W-Th, expand to M and/or F if needed)
- a Women's league

Note that there will only be one division in each league. Structure of each league will depend on the total number of entrants, and 1 or 2 tournaments may be scheduled during the session as well. Standings will be based off of matches won and bonus points for playing your match as scheduled. The standings will be posted weekly.

Racquetball League Coordinator
Joe Glogovsky
by: Joe Glogovsky posted: Sunday, April 14, 2013
Contact Joe by email: jxlogs@gmail.com or cell phone: 319-423-0827
(For questions, emailing or texting to cell is preferred)